Yes and no. We built Vidashare because we believe everyone has something amazing to share with others, so we do encourage everyone to sign up as a sharer. However, in order to offer learners the best experience possible, we do have to approve each sharer and can't guarantee that everyone will be approved. Currently, purely because of payment processing restrictions, only sharers with a US or Canada bank account and phone number can become sharers (we're currently working hard on implementing Mexico as well). If you're interested in being a sharer, and are in another country, please contact us and we'll try to see what we can do.

1) Sign up and complete your profile

2) Once you're approved, set up your Stripe account in order to be able to get paid.

3) Configure your session lengths and prices (ie. 20 mins for $20) along with your availability preferences. You can add up to three different lengths.

This is for you to decide, it can be whatever you want.
In order to appear as a sharer, Vidashare will ask you to set up your payment information with Stripe. It's very easy to configure and sends the funds directly to your bank account after the session (note: the first payment will take up to 10 business days to appear on your bank account).
We charge a 5% commission off the top. So if you charge $100 for a session, you will receive $95.
You will be able to see the learner's profile who booked a session with you. If for some reason you do not think it's a good fit. You can deny the request.
You will still be paid in full. We will also try and check to see what happened.
Please let us know as soon as you can, so we can inform your learner. Please don't let this happen multiple times.
You can write us at: We will get back to you ASAP.